HFX Limited – Correction

On 28 September 2012, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) published a warning that “HFX Limited (www.hfx.com)” was believed to be providing financial services or products in the UK but was not authorised by the FSA to do so. The company which the FSA intended to refer to was in fact called HFX Global. 
HFX Ltd (www.hfx.co.uk) is a UK software and solutions company based in Hertfordshire. It provides Workforce Management Solutions. HFX Ltd is not a business which required authorisation by the FSA, nor in turn the FCA; it is outside its jurisdiction.
The FCA wishes to make it clear HFX Ltd has never been the subject of an FSA or FCA investigation nor suspected by the FSA or FCA of any unscrupulous business practices. 
HFX Ltd is understandably concerned that some readers of the warning issued on 28 September 2012 might have wrongly concluded that it referred to it.
Therefore, the FCA has undertaken to HFX Ltd that in the future it will ensure that it is not wrongly referred to in any warning which the FCA might issue. 

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