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Is Your Moisturiser Dangerous?

My mission is to tell consumers about potentially dangerous ingredients that are commonly found in so many of their personal products such as cosmetics, anti aging skin care products and others, and particularly in moisturisers.

Unfortunately there is a wide range of chemical ingredients which are used in these types of products and which are considered by many to be potentially harmful to your health. Whilst consumers automatically assume that our government will protect us from products which may well be harmful this is not necessarily the case.

Unfortunately the degree to which product ingredients are regulated is very limited, and government authorities are not tasked with oversees the safety of any ingredient which goes in a product that you may put on your skin.

It's quite possible to go to the website of the Cosmetic Safety Database and to search out any individual product, an ingredient in a product or any class of products. So today I wanted to give you a specific example of a commonly used moisturiser which you may have in your cabinet right now and may well have used on your hands this morning.

It's Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hand and Nail. Now of course everyone uses Vaseline, it's been on the bottom of a million babies. And who would ever suspect that any Vaseline product could potentially be harmful to health?

Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hand and Nail is commonly used to prevent dryness of the hands and to strengthen the nails. But if you go to the Cosmetics Safety Database you can see exactly which ingredients are in it and whether any of those may pose a risk to your health, in the view of the publishers of the database.

Each product is given a rating on a score of 0 to 10, with 0 being no risk to your health and 10 being maximum hazard. Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hand and Nail scores a 10.

Perhaps this may prompt you to reassess your use of this product if you use it now, and also to consider the likelihood that if this product, so commonly used today, could pose a risk to your health what other common anti aging skin care products like moisturisers also contain potential harmful ingredients?

It's important to note that the results that you get from searching at the Cosmetic Safety Database are not black and white. Companies that manufacture the products will arrogantly heat that all the ingredients going into their products are 100% safe. Personally I do not believe them, however the information obtained from the database has to be taken with a grain of salt.

Neverheless, if I was buying a moisturizer I would certainly not be buying that one, or any one of hundreds or even thousands of others with worrying scores at the Cosmetic Safety Database.

Fortunately there are excellent natural skin care products available which are highly effective at moisturizing and which do not contain chemical ingredients which may harm your skin or your health.

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Source by Peter Geraldson