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The Implication of CALEA Compliance on Network Monitoring Services

CALEA compliance is very important when it comes to a network monitoring service. And, individual entities are required to review the regulations and then determine how the CALEA regulations apply to their business and network monitoring services.

For example, a carrier of telecommunications may interpret the CALEA regulations in different ways and as a result comply in different ways. Some carriers will create a compliance solution for their particular network while others will buy a compliance plan on the street. This includes the necessary equipment to provide monitoring services. Third trusted parties are also a way to get a compliance solution.

Despite the method used to comply with CALEA things like lawful intercept should be discussed and understood well before dealing with network monitoring services. This is important because everyone wants to play by the rules and these regulations make sure they are followed. The commission also makes it very clear that trusted third parties are available to provide the necessary help to companies implementing CALEA however the buyer should be aware of what is going on as well as know what to look out for. Other things that will also come into play include network forensics and entities should be aware of this up front.

When using trusted third parties it is also important to understand that meeting CALEA regulations is necessary regardless of how the trusted third party behaves or how they handle the regulations. As a result trusted third parties should be reviewed before using them to make sure they are top notch and will lead the way for entities and their CALEA qualifications.

CALEA requires subscriber privacy to be protected and for CII to be delivered in a timely manner to an LEA as well as content information. Regardless of whether a trusted third party is used for this or TTP is used the Commission requires that all CALEA requirements be met. So, basically it does not matter how network monitoring services are carried out or by whom as long as they meet all the requirements set forth by the commission. This is the most important. These are the basics when it comes to network monitoring services and their compliance with CALEA. More detailed information may be found on the web regarding CALEA and the requirement set forth by the commission.

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Source by Caitlina Fuller