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Parking Permits for Effective Parking Program

Parking permits are permit tags issued for vehicles to authorize them to be parked in a particular area or parking lot. Parking permits are very important to monitor and keep track of motor vehicles in parking lots. Parking permits permits authorized entry of vehicles in parking zones and this leads to strengthening of security. These permits are a must according to parking rules of cities, states, and institutions. There are various types of parking permits, such as temporary parking permits, residential parking permit, visitor permits, overnight parking permission, reserved parking permits, carpool parking permits and so on.

Parking permits are issued by parking regulatory authority of a particular area or specific institutions. The law enforcement regarding these permits depends on the place where they are used. If used in a college or private organization the law relating to them can be made as per the convenience / requirement of the organization and if being used at a public place they must be in accordance with the state or country law.

Types of Parking Permits

Depending on your need and the amount you are willing to invest in parking permits, you can select from a wide range of permits available in the market. When buying, you must consider your requirement and the things like material, need for branding, number of permits, serial numbers, etc. Parking permits or labels can be manufactured from a variety of material, such as laminated polyester, reflective acrylic, static cling, destructible vinyl, permanent vinyl, removable vinyl, fluorescent polyethylene / acrylic, etc. Some of the most popular parking permits available are:

  • Hanging mirror parking permits: These permits are one of the best and most widely used parking permits as they are convenient to use. The hanging mirror permits stand out and are easily visible from a distance. They are made from high quality polyethylene? a strong outlasting material. Hanging mirror parking permits with serial number help to keep record. You can buy blank or pre-prints tags depending on your need.
  • Windshield Labels: The windshield labels can be stuck on the wind shield as they have a strong adhesive that hold them strongly even in adverse conditions. You can use a stick cling label or a permanent one depending on your need. The windshield labels are available in different shapes like square, rectangle, diamond, circle, and oval. Since these are transparent labels they do not hinder the view.
  • Bumper stickers: A bumper sticker is a label with a message that can be stuck on a vehicle bumper to be read by other people. Made out of plastic or polyethylene these stickers are used for political, religious, humorous, or in support of a team or organization. When using them for parking these stickers have the logo / name of the company and the serial number on them.
  • Mirror decals: The mirror decals are made from reflective material which shimmer when light fall on them. They have an adhesive that can be used to stick inside the mirror or outside. The adhesive can be easily used even on irregular surface.
  • Disabled permit tags: These are available in the form of hanging disabled permission tags or labels. They have a picture of a wheelchair and are issued to people with walking disability.
  • Parking violation stickers: Parking violation stickers are used by the parking controllers and regulatory authorities. They are used on vehicles that are parked illegally.

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Source by Abhay Purohit