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The Advantages of Network Monitoring Tools and Applications

The utilization of properly configured network monitoring tools and applications can be used to proactively monitor, maintain, support and help stabilize your technical systems around the clock with little or no manual intervention required. As such, serious potential problems can be rapidly identified before they turn into critical issues that may affect the stability of your entire infrastructure or company. For example, disk utilization can be monitored with user-definable alerts configured to be delivered directly to your system administrator or network support engineer only when certain thresholds are met and/or exceeded so that a server crash can often be avoided or potentially anticipated with enough to advert a potential disastrous situation.

Disk utilization is just one of hundreds of components that can be actively and proactively monitored by some of the more robust network monitoring applications and network management tools currently available in our marketplace. In addition, there are many items and services that should be regularly monitored to ensure the optimal uptime and optimization of your network environment. These items typically include:

– Device Availability

– Critical Application/Service Status

– Disk Utilization

– Memory Utilization

– Response Time Monitoring

– Back-up log checks

– Anti-virus log checks

– Event Log Monitoring

– Monitoring custom performance parameters

– Server health check and analysis of key trends

– Critical Alert Notification

– Asset Tracking

– Remote Access

With all the detailed data that is captured on a daily basis, detailed and comprehensive reports can be quickly created and may be used by your management team and associates to help support your corporate and strategic planning, budgeting process and formulation, as well as enhance your regulatory compliance efforts

Be proactive, implement a comprehensive 24/7 monitoring solution in your infrastructure environment today and sleep easier at night!

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Source by James Eglin