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Role of a Travel Consultant

To make your vacation worth every penny you spend you should ideally hire the services of a travel consultant who has the necessary knowledge and expertise to organize your trip in the most economical and comfortable way. The travel consultant's job is to arrange a trip exactly the way his client had envisioned his vacation would be. The rip could business related or simply a leisure break or for an emergency purpose. Travel consultants are responsible for taking care of all the aspects of travel like booking tickets, hotel reservations, arranging sightseeing tours etc.

How to become a travel consultant:

  1. You can apply for employment at a local travel agency or begin your own agency once you have gained the necessary experience to handle clients.
  2. You should ideally own a high school diploma and its always preferred to get some more educational and professional qualifications to make your resume more impressive.
  3. Train yourself with skills that can come from use in this profession like mastering foreign languages ​​or becoming computer savvy since most of the work can be done online.
  4. You should have an exhaustive knowledge about traveling in general to increase your familiarity with the popular tourist locations that can assist you in your work later on.
  5. Course that can benefit you in your work are taught in community colleges. Enroll into these to arm yourself with more credentials.
  6. You can apply online to companies or approach them directly with your resume. Even if they offer you an entry level position you can take it and work your way up!

What the work entails:

  • Helping travelers make their choices when it comes to planning vacations depending on their budget and preferences.
  • Booking hotels and tickets, cruises and tours in advance to spare the traveler of such hassles once he is at the destination.
  • He must be able to give required information about the weather conditions of the place, local rules, custom laws, passport and visa regulations and currency exchange rates.
  • Destination knowledge is a must-have for travel consultants along a high school degree. They should also be able to conduct searches on the Internet since most of the business nowdays is connected online.
  • Travel consultants are also expected to take familiarization trips to evaluate the services and facilities available in a specific location following which they can recommend it to their clients.
  • Consultants are expected to meet with clients and research on the travel options either by phone or on the Internet.
  • During summer or spring breaks they may have to work longer hours to take care of the numerous clients hiring them for planning their holidays.

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Source by Nimrata Todmodkar