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Abatement Regulations Often Confuse and Do Not Make Sense

We often have abatement regulations to help prevent a huge problem in our civilization with our agriculture, disease prevention or protecting our farmers and businessmen. Now then, let me tell you of the story of why some of these abatement regulations do not make any sense and cause problems.

Not so long ago our company, a pressure washing service company, was paid by a school district to clean off all the playground equipment after Malathion was sprayed in a local nearby Lemon orchard area and all the school grounds because it was believed that the Mediterranean fruit fly was occupying both of those areas.

We were happy to get the contract and clean the Malathion off of playground equipment was about the most easiest job we had ever done. You simply turn on the steam cleaner to maximum heat and pressure and power wash the entire set of playground equipment. Later after cleaning all that playground equipment, I went to a local community Malathion meeting where local residents were quite upset to learn that the Malathion spraying would be going on for six more weeks.

They asked me to speak to insure everyone that we were power washing all the playground equipment and not to worry. We even volunteered to do the park in this city for free. A chemical engineer stood up who was also living in the area and stated that Malathion when mixed with water was actually more deadly than the product itself.

I did not at first believe him and therefore did some checking on my own and he was right. Ever since that day I have been somewhat skeptical of abatement regulations that do not make sense. There is a time and place for abatement and there are procedures, which should be followed to protect the American people. I hope you will consider this in 2006.

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Source by Lance Winslow