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Insurance Protection and Control Loss for the Public School

Is there anything more valuable than our children’s future and safety? The public school system carries a daunting responsibility that is two-fold in importance: educating our youngsters properly and ensuring their safety while under its jurisdiction.

For school leaders and educators, nothing could help them better in the latter task than an insurance program that is designed specifically to safeguard students and school employees. Fortunately, programs such as this do exist and are provided by insurance companies, renowned for their commitment to policyholders.

This particular form of commercial insurance provides some stunning offerings, tailored for the public school and its risk exposure:

– Property coverage

– General liability

– Boiler inspections replete with state mandated certification

– Risk control training geared to the educational community

General liability coverage encompasses protection against corporal punishment, employee benefits liability and coverage necessary for student interns. Nonetheless, other general liability coverages are available. These include coverage for volunteer workers, incidental medical malpractice by school nurses and other employees, and student operated media; as well as sexual misconduct and molestation coverage that incorporates protection for the school district’s liability as a result of acts of sexual misconduct or molestation; as well as violent event response coverage that pays for specified benefits, like personal and group counseling expenditures, added security services, medical expenses and death benefits.

Along with the program, schools can choose from varying protective coverages, including:

– Property coverage that insures replacement costs, equipment breakdown, business income, earthquake and flood damages, as well as ordinance losses.

– School head errors and omissions liability that covers board members, administrators, teachers, workers, student teachers and volunteers.

– Employment liability

– Law enforcement professional liability that provides coverage for payment of bodily injury, personal injury or property damage that is the result of wrongful acts committed during school law enforcement actions. This includes assault and battery, false arrests and unnecessary show of force.

– School bus insurance that covers liability and physical damage for vehicles, like buses, service vehicles and drivers education vehicles.

– Workers compensation that provides all state mandated workers comp benefits and employer’s liability

Other options include:

– Commercial umbrella

– Inland marine

– Crime

– Employee dishonesty bonds

– Terrorism insurance

– Data compromise insurance

Among the major concerns when shopping the network for adequate insurance if claims services. It is advisable for Public schools seeking appropriate protection need to consider a company’s reputation in regard to claims’ responses.

For more on public school insurance products, contact a reputable agency that has the knowledge and wherewithal to service this sector properly.

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Source by M Wyzanski