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Facing Manufacturing Issues? An ERP Solution Will Solve Them

The key way to drive the success of any business or organisation is consolidating its processes and gaining complete control over them. But, for that, one needs a single-point effective solution that will consolidate all the departments and channel the various processes. So, what makes ERP the befitting solution to answer to this call of manufacturers? Its comprehensiveness with limitless modules and the ability to automate mundane tasks.

The primary motive for deploying an ERP is to accelerate the manufacturing processes by streamlining them and providing the organisation with a single database that will help in better decision-making. However, here are discussed some back-breaking challenges faced by manufacturers and how ERP can solve them.

Failure to adhere to Quality standards

For the manufacturers, there is literally no place for errors in judging the quality of production. The success of your products depends only on their quality and hence there is a range of sound processes to maintain the quality of the product namely: inventory supervision, lot recall, tracking expiration date, stability test and so forth. While it is near to impossible for manufacturers to undergo all of them for over thousands of product daily with manual labour, ERP can track the factors easily to ensure the quality standards are met.

Inefficiency in Lot tracking

For both the raw materials as well as end goods, there’s need for LoT tracking. Till now, it is traced by manual data entries. But with the massive amount of goods being handled, there are many chances of getting inaccurate figures resulting in wrong shipment or procurement. That’s why ERP came to the scene, as it provides a complete solution for forward as well as backward tracking.

Lack of reporting

While manufacturers are struggling hard to get reports and up-to-date trends in the market with real-time data, ERP solves them too. It helps in sorting and organising data across different departments, analyse them and generate reports using various tools. Not only that, the reporting database gets automatically updated with every new progress in the business and real-time information with data accuracy help vendors, partners and suppliers in planning their next move effectively.

Issues related to compliance

It is difficult for every manufacturer to know the exact laws or industry compliances and streamline their every process accordingly. Also, rules and regulations vary from one region to region, obliging to which is quite challenging for the manufacturers, operating in more than region. ERP solves all of it by storing the compliance rules or regulations, updating them region-wise. It thus eases all complexities for businesses to keep up with the quality standards.

Improper planning and scheduling

Most often what leads to inappropriate scheduling is the inaccurate data due to mishandling. Imprecision in the production planning can hamper the productivity of the business or waste of resources. An ERP solution will help in alleviating all such risks in production and will save up the resources, time and costs of the businesses. It helps so by estimating data accurately on current inventory levels, sales forecast, materials procurement, and so on.

If your manufacturing and production process is too plagued with these critical issues, then ERP is the only solution. While all these explain why your manufacturing house needs an ERP system, you can rest assured with it about getting a broader view of your business’s operations, financials, inventory and sales all the time.

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Source by Rob Stephen