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What Is A Warning Sign?


Heed the warning; the warning sign is there to protect you. Warning signs are all around us, and some we blatantly ignore, some we heed and others we cheat on just a little.

At the Curve of the Road

What do you do at the curve of the road, where the warning sign says "Reduce Speed ​​Now"? Do you look at the curve and think, I am all right, or do you reduce your speed now?

In Britain, in 2013, more than 183,000 people were killed or injured on the roadways; do not be one of those statistics. Follow the signs and below we discuss what are the most popular warning signs

Warning Signs

Britain's Ministry for Transport uses approximately 96 roadway warning signs to try to protect the public, and that is just the beginning. There are signs for construction sites, fire safety, controlling access, and many other uses. In total, we found more than 1,600 signs giving warnings or instructions about how to protect one's self.

Companies, the government and even your neighbors use them to try to protect us from ourselves. The sad fact though, is many of us do not heed the warning.

The Signs

What are the most popular warning signs? A good question to ask, and it all depends in what sector of the British Economy being considered.

Construction Sector

In the construction sector, Site Safety Signs, along with signs outlining specific hazards are the most popular. Signs warn about deep excavations, falling and tripping hazards, risk to electrical shock, signs associated with safety and moving traffic, risk of fire and explosions, warning about hazardous materials and even as innocent as what is required to enter a work zone

Companies have a huge liability for the worker and public safety, and they show part of their due diligence towards workplace safety and only going 100 percent accident-free on any job site could be better than that.

Pedestrian Signs

For the pedestrian, there is a litany of them to help protect us while we walk down the road or into a building.

Some of the most popular are signs warning us to keep out of unsafe areas and where to cross the street. All in a good day's walk and even at that anyone of us has probably, at one time or another, not heeded the warnings.

Fire Safety Signs

Following signs for the construction sector, fire safety signs are everywhere. There are more than 200 warning and information signals related to fire and fire safety, and considering the dangers of fire, these are some of the most popular.

Fire signs show up at doorways to lead us in the safest route to extraction, there are signs to advise of the location of fire equipment, and where to take refuge and gather outside a building.


Warning signs cover just about any risk imaginable, and for one's personal safety, it is best to heed the warning. To address the question, "what are the most popular," one could suggest that roadway signals and fire signs in the public sector top the list. In the industrial sector, there is a litany of warning signs and those for the areas are most prevalent.

The warning signs are put in their locations for a reason; that is to give us an opportunity to protect ourselves. The best closing advice is, "heed that warning."

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Source by John A Denver