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Warning Signs in Farming

The extent and popularity of farming may project it as a safe occupation but this is not so. In fact, farming is quite a dangerous occupation that accounts for nearly 19% fatal injuries across the nation each year although only 1.8% of the population is engaged in such activities. The most common types of farm injuries or accidents are related to machineries and vehicles used; fall from height; handling hazardous substances and interaction with animals.

However, you can certainly minimize the chances of such injuries and accidents around your farm by installing the right type of farm warning signs at appropriate places. Doing so can help you to significantly reduce risk for your own self, your workers and the public at large.

Interaction with Animals

Animals are an integral part of your farm and handling them safely should be your top priority. Most injuries caused to human beings from animals occur while handling them or interacting with them while moving around the farm. Suitable signs placed at appropriate positions can forewarn you, your family members or the general public about the presence of farm animals nearby.

People can then be on their lookout and take the necessary precautions so that they don’t encounter a particularly angry bull all of a sudden. Typical warning signages used in farming include Beware of Animals; CAUTION: Farm Animals; Beware of the Bull or DANGER: Guard Dogs (if you do have dogs that run around your farm).

Dealing with Farm Machineries

Advanced farming depends on myriad machines most of which are found at large scale farms. The tractor, baler, combine harvester, mower, row planter, seed drill, sprayer etc are all useful machines without which your farm work will be severely hampered.

However, using such machines extensively in your regular work is extremely dangerous as a moment’s distraction can prove to be fatal. Often, people moving around the farm are also not aware of the presence of such hazardous machines and trip on them leading to injuries.

Putting up signs at places where machineries are used or kept can help you to reduce such injuries in your farm. Typical farm warning signs for machineries include CAUTION: Farm Machinery Working in This Area, SLOW: Farm Machinery and CAUTION: Farm Machinery.

Handling Hazardous Substances

Working in a farm exposes you, your workers and family members to a host of hazardous chemicals on a daily basis. As part of your regular work, you will come in contact with disinfectants, chemical fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate, veterinary medicines, pesticides, detergents and so on.

Putting up appropriate signs can make people aware of the presence of such hazardous chemicals in their vicinity and take necessary precautions. Typical signs include DANGER: HAZARDOUS CHECMICALS; CAUTION: CHEMICAL STORAGE ONLY: No Food or Drink in this Unit; WARNING PESTICIDES; Fire Will Cause Toxic Fumes, WARNING: HAZARDOUS MATERIALS STORAGE AREA, WARNING: HAZARDOUS WASTE etc.

General Signs

Farms are quite expansive and some of them have important roads adjacent to them or right of way through them. In such cases, there will a lot of uncontrolled movement around the farm which can be dangerous both for the farm workers and for the general public. Warning signs appropriate for such situations include DRIVE SLOWLY FARMYARD; FARM AHEAD; PRIVATE FARM KEEP OFF; CONCEALED FARM ENTRANCE etc.

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Source by John A Denver